Tea of the Day: June 18, 2012

I got some new herbs from Sunflower Market. They were on sale but more importantly they had stuff I’ve never seen! Apple mint? I had to get some. I ended buying a pineapple mint, apple mint, a cilantro plant, silver thyme & a couple bunches of green onions. My sister gave me an AWESOME mothers day gift, a tea garden. It was so cute! It was a container with lavender, mint, pineapple mint & a tea ball. Such a perfect gift. Anyways I’ve never tried pineapple mint before that. The plants didn’t do very well so when I saw another plant I was exited. I made some sun tea (I’ll post that tomorrow) & I wanted to really get a taste of each plant’s flavor. So today I tried the pineapple mint which resulted in Pineapple Mint Tea.

Pineapple Mint Tea

Pineapple Mint Tea

Pineapple Mint Tea


  • 7 sprigs crushed fresh pineapple mint
  • Honey
  • Cloth spice bag
  • Put mint in a spice bag. Place in cup.
  • Cover with boiling water.
  • Sweeten with honey to taste.

*A note on using fresh herbs & loose teas: there are a couple options for steeping fresh herbs & loose tea. You can use a tea ball, a tea grabber (? If there’s a real name for this contraption please let me know, it has a mesh ball that is squeezed open with attached tong type things) or tea bags, also called spice bags. Personally I prefer the bags. The tea balls can be hard to clean & sometimes leave a funky metal taste if old or dirty. Plus the holes can leak smaller pieces & that’s not appealing to have black things floating in your cup.

Spice Bags

Spice Bags

These are the bags I like to get & they’re very cheap.


One thought on “Tea of the Day: June 18, 2012

  1. […] recipe with the herbs I picked up a few weeks ago. I’ve blogged about them already with my Pineapple Mint Tea & Apple Mint Tea posts. They are all delicious but put together, they are incredible. Most sun […]

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