My Inspiration for the Cherry Harvest!!

I was so inspired by this post I decided to harvest my own cherries!

Read on below for the details . . . (following is the post from the Lazy Homesteader)

The Lazy Homesteader

Last weekend while at my in-laws’ house, I noticed that my mother in-law’s very ripe cherry trees had not been picked.  Lucky me, she told me to have at it!

Rick’s younger brother, was there and he helped us pick.  The cherries were so ripe that some were almost sweet.  As we all picked, the adults all remembered being kids, waiting for the cherry trees to ripen (we had cherries at the house I grew up in too), thinking that this year, this year, the cherries would be sweet.  I always expected them to taste like a maraschino cherry.  Of course, they never, ever did. They were always sour and I was always disappointed.

As a child, I assumed that these small, sour fruits were not real cherries.  That they were just for birds and to look pretty.  I didn’t know how good they really were. Rick, on the other…

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One thought on “My Inspiration for the Cherry Harvest!!

  1. […] I picked cherries! Fifteen pounds, cleaned, pitted & bagged to be exact! I was very inspired by the Lazy Homesteader’s last post about drying cherries. Tuesday I helped mom can her Shelley’s Jelly Cherry Jam. She had enough cherries to make 6 […]

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