Tea of the Day: June 27, 2012

OK, so technically I didn’t make this tea TODAY, but it is the tea of the day. It is in honor of the insane week of 100+ degree weather we’ve been having. I love sun tea. My mom used to make it when I was little. She used black tea, sweetened with mint. It was very good. As I got older I was surprised to learn that not everybody in the universe knows what mint tea is?! If you’ve never had it before, you are missing out! If you have, then you know how delicious it is. Either way, here is a new way to enjoy it from your very own happy spot in the sun. The tea of today is Super Sun Tea!

Apple Mint Tea: Enjoying a Quiet Moment

Super Sun Tea: Brewing

I was inspired to make this recipe with the herbs I picked up a few weeks ago. I’ve blogged about them already with my Pineapple Mint Tea & Apple Mint Tea posts. They are all delicious but put together, they are incredible. Most sun tea is made with black tea but a few summers ago I ran out of tea bags & really REALLY wanted some sun tea so I tried the green tea bags I had languishing in my cupboard. Green tea is so light & refreshing, plus it allows other flavors to come out instead of overpowering them. Take a look in the drink section at any gas station & you’ll see a ton of commercial ice teas made with green tea.

Super Sun Tea

Super Sun Tea: Herbs


  • 5 large sprigs fresh apple mint ~3-4″ long
  • 5 large sprigs fresh pineappleapple mint ~3-4″ long
  • 3 sprigs fresh lemon balm ~2-3″ long
  • 2 bags green tea (I prefer Celestial Seasonings brand)
  • Raw sugar to taste
  • Cloth spice bag
  • Sun tea jar (any clean glass container will work, with lid a plus, I also use a leftover 1 gallon juice growler)
  • Place tea bags in container.
  • Put herbs in a spice bag & place in container.
  • Pour sugar into container. (I use 1/4 cup sugar per 2 quarts for sweet tea)
  • Fill up container with lukewarm water. *see Note on water
  • Stir with a long spoon or shake container to dissolve sugar.
  • Place jar outside in a sunny spot for at least 2 hours, no longer than 8 hours.
  • Bring in tea when brewed to perfection &

*Note on water: I usually don’t have an over abundance of ice cubes. Unfortunately I don’t have an ice maker, just a couple silicone trays from Ikea. If you want to speed up the cooling process, fill up the jar only 2/3 full. Then, when the tea is done, fill up the remaining space with cold water. The idea of iced tea is that the tea is strong & then diluted by the melting ice. So it’s ok to forgo the melting process & just add cold water.


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