Shoe Issues

I’ve written about updating my look a little & one of the BIGGEST problems I’m having is a serious lack of shoes. I see these girls online or on TV that go buy shoes, I love shoes, blah blah blah & I’m thinking how the HECK can you be so obsessed with freaking shoes? Honestly, forcing myself to buy a pair of booties last week at Target was the first time I’ve purchased shoes for any reason other than necessity. I’ve looked at things online & thought “Oh those are cute” but would choke on my bile when I looked at the price tag. My goal right now with my wardrobe is to create a closet that I love. Please don’t misinterpret that the wrong way: I am NOT a shopper. I do NOT go to the mall, I do NOT go clothes shopping. I hate it. I usually buy my clothes at the skate shop or when I’m at Target to buy groceries. It kills me to spend money on clothes. I can drop a hundred bucks on yarn without blinking an eye but it hurts to spend $40 on a pair of shoes. I know, I’m weird. Back to wardrobe building, I’m using a few guidelines pretty religiously. Here they are, in order:

  1. I freaking love it! If I go somewhere & see something I absolutely LOVE, I’ll buy it. I’m putting this as number one because it rarely happens & I’ve learned that if I pass something up I really really loved, I usually regret it. The one caveat is it also must be within my budget (I can hear the ‘AWWWW!!! MAN!!!” now)
  2. I really need it! I’ve learned socks only last a year or two. Same thing with tank tops & heavily worn t-shirts. These things need to be replaced on a regular basis & I hate doing it. I also hate buying bras so those fall under this category too.
  3. I need it to complete an outfit. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten a really cute top only to get home & realize I need a tank top in a color I don’t have to go underneath or have a tank top but it hangs down 4 inches below the edge of the shirt. I went through my clothes, made a list & stopped by Walmart to buy said pesky tank tops in the necessary sizes & colors.

This number 3 is also where 99% of my shoe issues are coming from . That’s where I was going with that really long rambling side note, I was getting to my shoe problem. I’ve been writing down my thoughts on clothes for a few days now to try to come up with some ideas for outfits. Once I know what kind of shoes I want, I look around on the internet to see if I can find something that will work. I was looking on ModCloth for shoes. They have cute stuff but it’s really hit or miss & think some of their stuff is super overpriced. I’d rather just go down to the vintage stores on Broadway & get something REAL instead of an overpriced knockoff. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking them hard. I do like their site. BEHOLD, my latest shoe find:

ModCloth: Step into My Office Wedge

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