Knit Dress Ideas: New Angle Dress

For how much I hate shopping, I do a lot of clothes scoping online. I think it’s more of a voyeuristic enjoyment, where I can say “oh that outfit is so cute” & look at all the shopping everyone ELSE does as opposed to really getting myself to the mall & looking at clothes in person. Plus when I peep other people’s style I can get more ideas for outfits & styles I’d never come up with myself. I’m always a big fan of getting other people’s opinions on any kind of creative endeavor even if I don’t end up agreeing with any of it. It’s kind of like if someone says “good god that outfit is really out there!”  but that’s what I was going for, even if the other person hates it, that confirms it that I want to wear it cause “really out there” is exactly what I was going for. Does that even make sense?

So today I was checking out some really weird sweater dresses on ModCloth. I like the idea of sweater dresses, I’ve just never had one before. Now that I think about it, I don’t really have a lot of dresses anyways. But sweater dresses work better for me than regular dresses, they seem more comfortable, less girly & more wearable. Plus since I obsess love knitting so much I’ve been thinking about making some one. Here’s the cutest one I found called the New Angle Dress. I’m not much of a red loving person (I refuse to wear red) but I really like the brown one.

ModCloth: New Angle Dress

ModCloth: New Angle Dress (front view)

ModCloth: New Angle Dress (back view)

ModCloth: New Angle Dress (back view)

But I think the one that really caught my eye was this picture here, styled with a little off-the-shoulder action! I’m really digging that whole showing a little shoulder Flash Dance 80’s style everybody has right now. See?

ModCloth: New Angle Dress

ModCloth: New Angle Dress

This looks like it could be knit up at a fairly loose gauge using a thin fingering or sport weight yarn. The only down side to knitting this is that it would be BORING! Look at that, it’s what, like 6 square yards of stocking stitch?! But I’m putting this up because I do love the shape of it, even if it was shorter & turned into a sweater it would be super cute.  I’m going to stew on this one for a while. . .

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