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Knit Dress Ideas: New Angle Dress

For how much I hate shopping, I do a lot of clothes scoping online. I think it’s more of a voyeuristic enjoyment, where I can say “oh that outfit is so cute” & look at all the shopping everyone ELSE does as opposed to really getting myself to the mall & looking at clothes in person. Plus when I peep other people’s style I can get more ideas for outfits & styles I’d never come up with myself. I’m always a big fan of getting other people’s opinions on any kind of creative endeavor even if I don’t end up agreeing with any of it. It’s kind of like if someone says “good god that outfit is really out there!”  but that’s what I was going for, even if the other person hates it, that confirms it that I want to wear it cause “really out there” is exactly what I was going for. Does that even make sense?

So today I was checking out some really weird sweater dresses on ModCloth. I like the idea of sweater dresses, I’ve just never had one before. Now that I think about it, I don’t really have a lot of dresses anyways. But sweater dresses work better for me than regular dresses, they seem more comfortable, less girly & more wearable. Plus since I obsess love knitting so much I’ve been thinking about making some one. Here’s the cutest one I found called the New Angle Dress. I’m not much of a red loving person (I refuse to wear red) but I really like the brown one.

ModCloth: New Angle Dress

ModCloth: New Angle Dress (front view)

ModCloth: New Angle Dress (back view)

ModCloth: New Angle Dress (back view)

But I think the one that really caught my eye was this picture here, styled with a little off-the-shoulder action! I’m really digging that whole showing a little shoulder Flash Dance 80’s style everybody has right now. See?

ModCloth: New Angle Dress

ModCloth: New Angle Dress

This looks like it could be knit up at a fairly loose gauge using a thin fingering or sport weight yarn. The only down side to knitting this is that it would be BORING! Look at that, it’s what, like 6 square yards of stocking stitch?! But I’m putting this up because I do love the shape of it, even if it was shorter & turned into a sweater it would be super cute.  I’m going to stew on this one for a while. . .

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I Didn’t Like How I Looked This Morning

I’ve been trying to put a little more effort into how I look these days. IDK if it’s the fact I don’t have a man around or maybe I just get sick of looking like a piece of poop or maybe I’ve been learning that I feel a million times better about myself when I feel good about how I look. I’m going to insert a soapbox comment here so brace yo-self: Notice how I used the word “good” in that sentence, not nice or pretty or whatever. Everyday when I get up I have a different idea of what I want to look like, sometimes professional when I need to go to work, sometimes ultramodern ubersheek (work), sometimes I want to look like kind of a hipster (but not too much), sometimes pretty, sometimes hardcore, sometimes super punk rock, etc. Another thing is just because I like how I look doesn’t mean anyone else will, I am a unique person with a unique sense of style. I don’t ever really look the same twice, even if I tried. I put an outfit on this morning that I thought looked really cute last week but I just wasn’t feeling it this morning! I have no idea why that happens, it just does. I usually get these amazing ideas of what I want to wear when I get ready in the morning but then, later when I’m trying to buy clothes, it seems like I can’t really figure out what I wanted. Hence the clothes journal! If I get a super awesome idea for something, I write it down. I’ve been sketching out stuff too, if I have that solid of an idea. The other reason I’ve been doing this is because I knit. Let me tell you this, the amount of time it takes to create a sweater is RIDICULOUS!!! And lately, I’ve been making an awful lot of sweaters that aren’t turning out how I want them to. Part of the inspiration I’ve found is from a select few lovely ladies whom I’ve been stalking  following on Ravelry. It seems like EVERY SINGLE thing they make is gorgeous & not just because the sweater is nice but because it fits & flatters them like nobody’s business. That’s the amazing thing about knitting is you can create anything you can think of & create not just the shape of the piece, but even the fabric, color, texture, every aspect of that piece of clothing is created from scratch, stitch by stitch. I’d like to take my knitting, & as a result of that my image as well, to the next level of amazingness. So here’s a few notes on my thoughts (honestly this is more for me than anything but if you’ve somehow stumbled across this post hopefully it can inspire someone else too).

My hair does weird things. I do need to do something to it 99% of the time to get it to look good. I’ve started spending a few minutes in front of the mirror with some texturizer & a bottle of hairspray. It does help! However, once my cut has grown out it starts to look funky in the back on the sides. I’m trying to think of some things to do with my shorter haircut.

It used to be really REALLY long. Then in June I cut it all off. It was about half way down my back at that point. I think I cut about a foot & a half off.

My New Hairdo

My hair is naturally dark brown but I’ve been dying it a copper-y color for about 2 years now. I really like it but I feel like I’m ready to try experimenting a little. This picture here shows the color it’s been for a while now.

My Red Hair

I think the last time I dyed my hair, about 3 weeks ago, I used too much developer. It came out really dark & not as red as I wanted. I also haven’t gotten a cut for about 6 weeks now & it’s driving me nuts. However, this past week it’s gotten long enough that it’s doing different things now, you know the point where your hair starts to outgrow the cut maybe 3-4 weeks into it & it just looks stupid then 2 weeks later it’s past that point & starts to look like a totally different do? Maybe it’s just me cause  my hair grows at an abnormally fast rate. Some people think it would be really cool if their hair grew that fast but it sucks cause you have to get your hair cut at least once a month to keep it looking like it’s supposed to. Anyways, before I go in to get it cut again, I may try some coloring first. I was checking out this website (honestly, sometimes I have no idea how I get to these sites on the internet sometimes, it’s like 20 minutes later I’m engrossed in these weird articles when I started out trying to check my email!) I saw this girl’s hair color & now I’m intrigued!

A Beautiful Mess: Incredible Hair!

Burgundy is a hard color for me to pull off. It reminds me of about 10 years ago when everybody wanted that purple-y burgundy color & it looked good on >1% of the chics rocking it! However, this color above has those beautiful dark cherry highlights, not purple. Aha! I just gave myself a good frame of reference there. I’m looking for a dark cherry color!

I also love coppery orange. The other half of the duo had a beautiful shade, see below.

A Beautiful Mess: Beautiful HAIRDO!

I’ve done my hair this color before too & I really, really loved it. I remember a friend of a friend did the color, which was awesome because I usually do my own color & can’t afford professional process but I love it when other people do my hair & have cool ideas I would have never thought of, when she got done with it there were blonde & red highlights. It was in November & she told me I looked like a festive cornucopia! Ha.

One more thing, sorry! After reading through this amazing beautiful website I ran across the Makover Story section. Totally reminds me of what I’m trying to do right now! I’m trying to do a lot of different things in my life but they’re all getting me to the same goal, living the life I want to live! Creating real lasting change takes time but I’ve learned making small consistent steps seems to be working for me. It also helps because I feel like if I mess up it’s not the end of the world. I feel like it’s harder to restart a new habit after a mess up than to start something fresh. Anyways! I really love this one here called Kelsie’s Story, she is totally wearing stuff I’d love.

Makeover Story: Kelsie

Another one I thought was super cute was Sarah’s Makeover story!

Makeover Story: Sarah

So enough gushing about people I don’t know on the internet! I’m going to go shopping for hair dye this weekend to see if anything strikes my fancy & hopefully will have a new do tomorrow!

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Wicked Cool Wristies

My BadA$$ Black Bracelet

My BadA$$ Black Bracelet

This is the bracelet I made the other day. I found the pattern for it here on that is super cute. The original pattern calls for using 2 different colors of yarn but I just went goth & used all black. I swear, I did try to follow the pattern, I just didn’t really read it or pay attention to it & got way off by the second row. I do like how mine turned out, there’s a little gutter of stocking stitch between each edge with a bump of purl stitches in the middle.

Devon ended up jacking it from me & declaring it his own. I’m glad he likes it. It started getting really fuzzed after the second time I wore it. I think I’d like to make another with a nicer quality yarn, maybe something with silk so it will be shiny.

Is It Fall Yet?!?

I want to first say, I know it’s been a LONG time since my last post!!! I was doing really good there, posting so much, but my laptop died. An instant, cold death. It just wouldn’t turn on. I tried everything, thought it was the battery, so I charged it for two days, then I thought maybe it was the screen, did some boot tests, even put the boot disc in the drive to try to reformat the OS, nothing worked! Finally I realized it wasn’t even turning on so I took it back in to Microcenter (LOVE LOVE LOVE that place, if you live near Denver & ever have computer or electronics issues or needs, go there!!!). I had bought the extended warranty so they will fix or replace it at no charge. The girl took one look & declared it dead. Unfortunately, I had already had it replaced once, two weeks after I bought it, so this would be the third machine in less than 3 months. She suggested I get a different model. I agreed. So for an extra $100 I picked up a killer Lenovo i5 processor with a 500 gb hard drive. It’s WAY faster & awesomer. So far so good, it’s turning on. Anyways. . .  enough about my technical difficulties. This post is about fall, or more accurately, the LACK of fall around here. It’s the second week of August, Dev starts school in 5 days! Besides all that, it’s been disgustingly hot this summer. I had an evaporative cooler installed in early July because with the 100+ degree weather our place was almost continually 90-95 degrees, INSIDE!!! Yes you read that right, it was 95 degrees in our townhome. Insane. Luckily my landlord realized that when your home is that hot it can be considered uninhabitable. We live on the top half of a townhome, it’s very lovely. There’s vaulted ceilings, tons of windows, lots of open airy bright space. Unfortunately, these are all the same things that make it unbearable in the summer.

In honor of wanting it to be fall, even though it is a few weeks off, I am posting this awesome arm warmer pattern I am really in love with!!!

It’s from the Purl-Soho Blog, they are absolutely incredible, which anybody who loves any kind of craft should check out!

Here’s the link:

Purl Bee’s Long Striped Hand Warmers