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My BadA$$ Black Bracelet

My BadA$$ Black Bracelet

This is the bracelet I made the other day. I found the pattern for it here on┬áthat is super cute. The original pattern calls for using 2 different colors of yarn but I just went goth & used all black. I swear, I did try to follow the pattern, I just didn’t really read it or pay attention to it & got way off by the second row. I do like how mine turned out, there’s a little gutter of stocking stitch between each edge with a bump of purl stitches in the middle.

Devon ended up jacking it from me & declaring it his own. I’m glad he likes it. It started getting really fuzzed after the second time I wore it. I think I’d like to make another with a nicer quality yarn, maybe something with silk so it will be shiny.