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Knit Sweater Ideas: Thankfifi

Marled Sweater

Found this look on ASOS under Thankfifi’s lookbook.

I LOVE marled sweaters. I’ve got a few different sweater designs in the works & this looks like a great contender for the inspiration book. I bought one of the smash books (OMG if you haven’t ever checked out K & Company’s line of Smash products, PLEASE DO, they are amazing) so every time I get an idea about a sweater I’d like to design or even just find pictures of cute sweaters, I cut them out & smash them into my book. It’s a great way to keep track of ideas cause the best ones seem to dissipate as quickly as they materialize. Another reason I like this sweater it that is is a little bit baggy. It seems like over the last year I’ve acquired an awful lot of tight fitting clothes. I’m sure the main reason was that I lost 50 pounds. You lose a quarter of your body weight & it goes right to your head. Even though I’m in pretty good shape & have no issues about showing what mama gave me, I was recently introduced to the idea of creating pieces that create a space between the body & the garment. I’ve been incorporating some ease into my recent sweaters & I’m now hooked.  While skintight clothes will always have their place, the looser pieces I’ve been making are more comfortable, functional & flattering! This sweater has just the right amount of ease while still allowing you to show off a little by baring you tank top at the shoulder & being cropped to show a skinny layer underneath. Plus I LOVE the burgandy, along with the light jeans?! Time to make some sweater magic!!!

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