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Is It Fall Yet?!?

I want to first say, I know it’s been a LONG time since my last post!!! I was doing really good there, posting so much, but my laptop died. An instant, cold death. It just wouldn’t turn on. I tried everything, thought it was the battery, so I charged it for two days, then I thought maybe it was the screen, did some boot tests, even put the boot disc in the drive to try to reformat the OS, nothing worked! Finally I realized it wasn’t even turning on so I took it back in to Microcenter (LOVE LOVE LOVE that place, if you live near Denver & ever have computer or electronics issues or needs, go there!!!). I had bought the extended warranty so they will fix or replace it at no charge. The girl took one look & declared it dead. Unfortunately, I had already had it replaced once, two weeks after I bought it, so this would be the third machine in less than 3 months. She suggested I get a different model. I agreed. So for an extra $100 I picked up a killer Lenovo i5 processor with a 500 gb hard drive. It’s WAY faster & awesomer. So far so good, it’s turning on. Anyways. . . ¬†enough about my technical difficulties. This post is about fall, or more accurately, the LACK of fall around here. It’s the second week of August, Dev starts school in 5 days! Besides all that, it’s been disgustingly hot this summer. I had an¬†evaporative cooler installed in early July because with the 100+ degree weather our place was almost continually 90-95 degrees, INSIDE!!! Yes you read that right, it was 95 degrees in our townhome. Insane. Luckily my landlord realized that when your home is that hot it can be considered uninhabitable. We live on the top half of a townhome, it’s very lovely. There’s vaulted ceilings, tons of windows, lots of open airy bright space.¬†Unfortunately, these are all the same things that make it unbearable in the summer.

In honor of wanting it to be fall, even though it is a few weeks off, I am posting this awesome arm warmer pattern I am really in love with!!!

It’s from the Purl-Soho Blog, they are absolutely incredible, which anybody who loves any kind of craft should check out!

Here’s the link:

Purl Bee’s Long Striped Hand Warmers