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Knit Sweater Ideas: Thankfifi

Marled Sweater

Found this look on ASOS under Thankfifi’s lookbook.

I LOVE marled sweaters. I’ve got a few different sweater designs in the works & this looks like a great contender for the inspiration book. I bought one of the smash books (OMG if you haven’t ever checked out K & Company’s line of Smash products, PLEASE DO, they are amazing) so every time I get an idea about a sweater I’d like to design or even just find pictures of cute sweaters, I cut them out & smash them into my book. It’s a great way to keep track of ideas cause the best ones seem to dissipate as quickly as they materialize. Another reason I like this sweater it that is is a little bit baggy. It seems like over the last year I’ve acquired an awful lot of tight fitting clothes. I’m sure the main reason was that I lost 50 pounds. You lose a quarter of your body weight & it goes right to your head. Even though I’m in pretty good shape & have no issues about showing what mama gave me, I was recently introduced to the idea of creating pieces that create a space between the body & the garment. I’ve been incorporating some ease into my recent sweaters & I’m now hooked.  While skintight clothes will always have their place, the looser pieces I’ve been making are more comfortable, functional & flattering! This sweater has just the right amount of ease while still allowing you to show off a little by baring you tank top at the shoulder & being cropped to show a skinny layer underneath. Plus I LOVE the burgandy, along with the light jeans?! Time to make some sweater magic!!!

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For the Knit of It’s Yarn Giveaway!

I just started reading this lovely new blog & it looks like she’s doing a yarn giveaway! If anyone is interested in some free yarn (who isn’t?!!) head over to her blog & check it out.

For the Knit of It

Tomorrow is my one year anniversary with the blog! I can’t believe I’ve kept up (even if a bit sporadically lately) for a whole year. In honor of this year and in honor of the great help/advice/encouragement/conversation I’ve received with you all, I decided I would do a yarn giveaway!

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Mods to Tornado Pattern

I’m reposting my Tornado pattern here on my new blog since I’m phasing out the old one. Pattern directions & charts can now be accessed & downloaded through this new link. Thanks!

These are the modifications I made to the Tornado pattern originally designed by Mira Saarentaus & can be found on Ravelry.

My project with the original notes, as well as photos & links, can also be found on Ravelry.

For a copy of the pattern PDF file click HERE.

Wanna Be Thrifty Stick Glittens Wanna Be Thrifty Stick Glittens

Rox's Blog

Click on the following link for a PDF version – Thrift Stick Mitten Gloves Pattern

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My Featured Cardigan

I was lucky enough to be featured on Fancy Tiger Craft’s blog. I knit a cardigan & the blog post is about the cardigan.

Below is an excerpt from the post!


Better Know A Crafter: Roxanne Miller

Roxanne came in to chat us up about a knitting program she’s been working on, and we couldn’t keep our eyes off her gorgeous new sweater! It is made with two weights of Madelintosh in the same colorway, for a very cool lacy stripe effect. It is stunning, Roxanne!

Roxanne Miller

What types of crafts do you do?
I like to make things. I knit, sew, draw, cook, decorate, garden–anything that pops into my head. I love creating things. I usually get inspired by everyday things. I’ll see something someone is wearing or see something for sale in a store & instantly think, “I could make that!”, then go home and try to figure it out.

What is the beautiful cardigan you are wearing?
I knitted this using Madelinetosh DK & Tosh Merino Light in the color Opaline. I used the Army Of Knitters pattern Cassiopeia.

How did you learn to knit?

I actually taught myself how to knit and crochet. I’ve been knitting for about three years and absolutely LOVE it.
What is your favorite animal?
My favorite animal is a liger, known for it’s skills in magic.
Thanks Roxanne! Happy knitting!
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Knit Dress Ideas: Afternoon Reading Dress

Ok, I’m STILL looking at ModCloth for sweater dress ideas. I really like to use my own ideas when knitting things by hand. I usually follow a pattern, or at least use one as a starting point, but I’ve been trying to knit things on my own more & I see so many things I love! Then when I go to start knitting, I can never remember what it is I wanted to knit! I spend 99% of my time online drooling over yarn porn at Ravlery but they don’t really have a good place to put things like this so all the pretty pictures of beautiful expensive knit things are going to start getting posted here on my blog!

I found this so called “Afternoon Reading Dress” but I’m sure I won’t be reading anything in the afternoon while wearing it. It comes in a couple different colors but I like the blue the best. The other colors seem to have some weird pooling of the black flecks.

I think the darker base color of the yarn looks a lot better. When you have something knitted over a large area, like this dress, or even a sweater, the contrasting darker color can start to do weird things. When you keep the finished item small it doesn’t have the opportunity to create pools or lines. That’s one of the reasons I have problems with most variegated yarns. I love the colors & the combinations when it in the skein, it just looks weird once it gets knitted up certain ways. So by keeping the base color dark, the contrast isn’t as apparent so it doesn’t matter if it stripes or pools. Just to keep on babbling, one of the ways to get around that is to NOT knit in the round. By going back & forth across the rows, which is what you do when you make a seamed sweater, it breaks up the issues you get when knitting round & round. Sometimes that doesn’t work either & it really depends on the yarn, the pattern, the gauge & even when you start within the color cycles in any given skein. I knit up some BEAUTIFUL Dove Roving yarn that had some issues with the color variegation  I added a second yarn, held double, of a lace weight black & that kind of masked the color variations a little to give some color consistency throughout the stitches. It turned out beautifully & I’m planning on making a pullover with it soon. I learned that trick this summer with a cardigan I made with the yarn held double with two different colors. You can see an example of what it looks like here (this is different than the variegated yarn I was just talking about).

My Summer Sweater

My Summer Sweater

Anyways, back to the dress. Here’s a few pictures of it.

ModCloth: Afternoon Reading Dress (front)

ModCloth: Afternoon Reading Dress (front)

ModCloth: Afternoon Reading Dress (back)

ModCloth: Afternoon Reading Dress (back)

Some of the reviews complained of it being a little too see through. You can see the weight of the fabric in this photo here so maybe they just didn’t realize it (or something, I don’t get people sometimes)?

ModCloth: Afternoon Reading Dress

ModCloth: Afternoon Reading Dress

I really like the featherweight type knits. I’ve made quite a few over the summer & am completely in love with them. Yes,  I do wear a tank top or t-shirt underneath. But they are so comfortable & you can get really incredible drape with thin knits like this. You can also create shapes & form that you can’t get with thicker weight knits. Plus they don’t add bulk & are REALLY comfortable to wear while still keeping you warm. Alpaca is a great fiber to use when knitting with a light weight because even as a thin yarn, it still keeps you surprisingly warm. I used an alpaca silk blend yarn in that cardigan pictured above. I can not describe the feeling of that cardigan! You just have to feel it to experience how unique & soft it is.

Anyhow, back to the dress, AGAIN, I really dig the collar & how the buttons go around & over the shoulder. I also really dig the cute little pockets. I love pockets. I also love hoods, but this one doesn’t have a hood. That’s ok though, because at least it has pockets.

ModCloth: Afternoon Reading Dress (pockets)

ModCloth: Afternoon Reading Dress (pockets)

I’m still looking around for a great sweater dress pattern & am making observations like these, saving pictures of dresses I like, so hopefully I can come up with something soon so I can make it while the weather is still cold!

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